Simon Boyd

Simon was born in London and is currently living in Argentina.

Simon is motivated by childhood memories merged with a sense of mysticism inspired by his natural surroundings and experiences of South America. Simon seeks to transmit a dream-like nostalgia in his paintings, evoking a sense of the primordial and timeless. His paintings portray arcane tales of conflict, struggles between order and chaos; while pushing the aesthetic extremes of discipline and irreverence.

Exhibitions include:

Individual shows
Central Street Gallery – Central Street Cafe, London, 2018
'Canto de Polvo' – Cultural Centre Santa Rosa, Argentina 2017
Presentation in the 'Aula Magna', University of La Pampa, Argentina 2016
'The Jousters Banquet', British Arts Centre, Buenos Aires, 2009

Collective shows
'Enlaces' - EKA & MOOR Gallery, Madrid, 2018
GESTA – ICBC Foundation, Twist Galeria de Arte, Buenos Aires, 2017
‘Thinks in Contemporary’, Galeria Argentina, Buenos Aires, 2015/16
Breaking the Support, The Central Municipal Centre Santa Rosa, Argentina, 2007

Art Fairs
International Biennal of Contemporary Art of Argentina, Buenos Aires, 2016
Mirá Art Festival, Buenos Aires, 2016 and 2014
‘Ardi’ Art fair, Buenos Aires 2015
Edinburgh Art Festival, Scotland 2014
‘Eggo’ Art Fair, Buenos Aires 2014, Córdoba 2013
Red Dot Art Fair, New York 2011, Miami 2010
Islington Art Fair, London 2005

Selected to participate in the Salon of Visual Arts of La Pampa, ‘Drawing’ 2015
Selected to participate in the Salon of Visual Arts of La Pampa, ‘Painting’, 2013
Second prize 'Abstraction', 9th Salon of Painting of La Pampa Landscape, La Pampa bank, 2013
Painters Stainer’s Art Prize, London, 1996


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